Montclair Art Museum, NJ - Student Exhibit, Fall 2014

Montclair Art Museum, NJ - Student Exhibit, Spring 2016

Chilton Medical Center, NJ - Nature Heals Exhibit, Winter 2017

Studio Montclair , NJ - State of the Art Members' Exhibit, Winter 2017

Montclair Art Museum, NJ - Student Exhibit, Spring 2017

Surtex, Surface Pattern Design Convention - NYC, May 2017


Cambodia, Laos & Thailand, Fall 2018. I took three weeks off from life and experienced a great adventure in South East Asia. This trip opened my heart, my eyes and my mind. Their crafts are beautiful and the use textiles in Temples creates a museum environment. There were sculptors, potters, umbrella makers, weavers, batik stamping and re purposing of vintage garments. I gathered so many ideas that my head is spinning! Now to figure out how to implement the inspiration and create paintings and patterns from my travels.

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Summer 2018 has been fun as I launched my Instagram site. Another milestone completed! Follow me @ Charlottenicoledesigns. I'll post my art inspirations, progress on paintings, finished work, scarves and new products. It will be fun!

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Spring 2018 has been busy with promoting my scarf line. You can find my scarves on my Etsy store and I am in negotiations with a catalog/web store to sell my scarves in a modal fabric. Yah for progress!  Check out: CharlotteNicoleArt on Etsy and favorite my page or share with others. 

Happy 2018! The last quarter of 2017 I found myself designing a line of scarves titled "The Four Seasons". The public debut of these was at an artisan market in early December 2017. I had a successful artisan market and continue to sell the scarves. This was my first attempt at producing my own product with my designs, and I am very pleased with the results. Success! 

Blue Leaves Scarf 03.jpg

Late Winter 2017 - I have not traveled to find new inspiration these past few month. Rather I have looked inward and allowed myself to focus on the projects that have been piling up in my work area. I brought my memories back to summer, on my bike rides on the dirt rail trails. The sunlight that comes through the tree leaves and creates shadows on the path are beautiful to me. I created two watercolor paintings based on these photos, you can see them in my Watercolors of Nature tab. 


Surtex 2017 - I participated as an exhibitor at Surtex held at Jacob Javits Center in NYC during the spring. This was my first time at Surtex and the experience was life changing for my art career. I was thrilled with the varied interest my work attracted. From packaging, to cards, to luggage. Athletic wear and dinnerware as well as flooring were also topics of conversation. And the painting that stole the show, was my blue leaves based on the photo I show in my Late Winter blurb below! 


Chile, Nov/Dec 2016 - During my trip to Chile I visited the Patagonia region, wine region and a coastal town. The use of color in South America is fantastic! Patagonia is a natural wonderland, where mother nature definitely showed off her talent. The dusty roads and open landscape in wine region were calming. Valpariso on the coast showed me that color is not something to be scared of. Embrace color!

Valpariso Stair

Valpariso Stair