Artist Summary

As the daughter of an artist, an artistic form of expression has always been a part of my life. My father taught me to view the world with an artist’s eye from a very young age. After nearly two decades of exploring different artistic mediums, I rediscovered watercolor painting and all of its mysteries, and it was as if my world burst open again. My inspiration comes from nature during all her seasons. Finding the main subject matter is almost always easy, but deciding how to crop the view, choosing which colors to bring out, where to focus, and if there is depth or shadows -that is where the fun begins.

The medium of watercolor can be difficult to control, but accepting its challenges and experimenting with how to alter and enhance the flowing paint creates unexpected beauty. Using nature as my subject, I like to explore the forms, colors, and textures it creates. Since I began painting again, my style has become more relaxed and I continue to learn how to be more fluid and interpretive in my work. Using a handful of varying brush sizes has helped loosen my approach, and I keep expanding my toolkit and now it  includes paper towels, wooden stylist sticks, and masking fluid. Balancing the amount of water versus pigment in my paintings is critical to creating unique watercolor pieces. Enhancing patterns and colors, as well as playing with light and shadows, are the choices I like to consider when painting, rather than creating an exact replica of what I see.